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Family Porotta by jacme
Malabar Porotta By Viswas
Porotta(Malabar) by jacme
Daily delight Malabar Porotta
Beef Ularthiyath by Metropot
Family pack Wheat Porotta by jacme
Thalassery Chicken Biriyani by MetropotThalassery Chicken Biriyani by Metropot
Frozen Porotta (Family Pack) By Viswas
Kottayam Kappa Biryani by Metropot
Aviyal Mix by jacme
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Alleppy Neymeen Curry by MetropotAlleppy Neymeen Curry by Metropot
Sale price£4.99 Regular price£5.99
Alleppy Neymeen Curry by MetropotMetropot Reviews
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Malabar Mutton Biriyani by MetropotMalabar Mutton Biriyani by Metropot
Sale price£5.49 Regular price£5.99
Malabar Mutton Biriyani by MetropotMetropot Reviews
Ulli Theeyal by jacme
Aviyal by jacme
Angamaly Mango Curry by jacme
Tapioca with Chutney by jacme
Mathanga Vanpayar Curry by jacme
Pepper Chicken by MetropotPepper Chicken by Metropot
Masala Dosa by jacme
Viswas Idiappam Brown
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Fish Dum Biryani by Metropot
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Fish Dum Biryani by MetropotMetropot Reviews
Pavakka Theeyal by jacme
Viswas Idly ,chutney & sambar
Chilli Chicken by Metropot
Kerala Mutton Stew by MetropotKerala Mutton Stew by Metropot
Daily delight Masala dosa
Vendakka Mappas by jacme
Prawn Mango Curry by MetropotPrawn Mango Curry by Metropot
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Butter Chicken by Metropot
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Butter Chicken by MetropotMetropot Reviews
Aviyal by Daily delight
Kothu Porotta by jacme
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Chicken Tikka Masala by MetropotChicken Tikka Masala by Metropot
Sale price£4.99 Regular price£5.99
Chicken Tikka Masala by MetropotMetropot Reviews
Bird's Eye Chilli (kanthari) by jacme
Ceylon Porotta by Daily delight
Pulao Rice by MetropotPulao Rice by Metropot
Kadai Chicken and Veg Korma by Metropot
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Aloo(Potato) Chicken Curry by Metropot
Sale price£4.99 Regular price£5.49
Aloo(Potato) Chicken Curry by MetropotMetropot Reviews
Prawn Dum Biriyani by MetropotPrawn Dum Biriyani by Metropot
Vegetable Biriyani by Saras
Ulli Theeyal by Saras
White Stew by Saras 300 gm
Jeera Rice by Saras 300g
Chicken Korma by Metropot
Avial by Saras
Dal Fry by Saras