Dried prawns by tasty Nibbles

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Tasty Nibbles Dried Prawns are wild caught Prawns that have been hygienically dried and shrunk to a thumbnail size. They are used in many Indian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian cuisines, imparting a unique umami taste. A handful of dried prawns is generally used to add flavour to soups, stews, and various other dishes. Order Tasty Nibbles Dried Prawns online and easily get them delivered to your doorstep.

• 100% Natural.
• No Added Salt.
• Can be deep fried/boiled/mashed to add flavour to your favourite cuisines.
• Dried prawns fry can be consumed as an evening snack.
• High in Protein, Low in Fat.
• Medium sized.
• Great starter for parties and bars.
• No added preservatives, flavours or colours.

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