Porridge Bowl by CocoShell

Size: Wide
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Our coconut shell porridge bowls are not just visually appealing but also practical. Their generous size accommodates hearty servings of porridge, oatmeal, or cereals, ensuring you start your day with a satisfying meal. The lightweight yet durable construction makes them suitable for everyday use, whether at home, in cafes, or during outdoor adventures.

Beyond their functional benefits, these bowls are an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals. By choosing a sustainable alternative to conventional bowls, you contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and support responsible sourcing practices.


  1. Handcrafted from natural coconut shells for a unique and rustic appearance.
  2. Smooth interior for a pleasant eating experience.
  3. Textured exterior for an organic and earthy aesthetic.
  4. Generous size to accommodate ample servings of porridge, oatmeal, or cereals.
  5. Lightweight yet durable construction for everyday use.
  6. Eco-friendly choice that reduces plastic waste.
  7. Supports sustainable and responsible sourcing practices.
  8. Suitable for home use, cafes, and outdoor activities.

Upgrade your breakfast routine and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle with our handcrafted natural coconut shell porridge bowl. Indulge in your favourite morning meals while making a positive impact on the environment. Order your eco-friendly breakfast ware today!

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