Traditional Sadhya by Tasty Nibbles

Size: serves 4
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Introducing Tasty Nibbles' tantalizing Ready-to-Eat Sadhya pack, bringing back the flavors of the festive season for the 2024 celebration.

Our pack boasts an impressive assortment of 13 delectable dishes, including the all-time favorites like the flavourful Kuthari Chor.

Indulge in the authentic taste of Kerala with

Cooked Matta Rice 





Koottu Curry

Cabbage Thoran 

Vermicelli Kheer Mix 

Puli Inji 

Tender Mango Pickle 

Banana Chips 

banana leaf 

With no added preservatives and military-grade Japanese retort packing technology.

Our Onam Sadhya Pack is your perfect solution for a convenient and delicious Onam feast, anytime, anywhere.

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