Coconut Oil 1L by Kerala taste

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Coconut oil or copra oil is an edible oil extracted from dried coconut.

Coconut oil is important for Keralites for cooking purpose. Coconut oil gives a unique taste to many Kerala dishes. Without this, some authentic traditional food preparation is unthinkable.

To prepare this natural coconut oil, coconuts are directly procured from local coconut farmers. Then outer layer of coconut(Chakiri) is removed and the hard shell (Chiratta) is cracked open to make it to two pieces. These coconuts are sun dried for weeks to get dry coconut. When these coconuts are dried, they shrunk and comes out of the shell. Then those coconuts will be made into small pieces to be crushed to make the oil without adding any preservatives,

Coconut oil is very good not only for cooking but also for beauty and hair. It is a completely natural beauty and hair care product.

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